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In 1983, following the mass exodus of rural Lebanese to the city, a group of ladies from Sin El Fil under the initiative of Ms. Antoinette Kazan decided to offer meals to these displaced persons. They converted a classroom into a restaurant called «Ahlan Wa Sahlan» which provided daily meals to 500 elderly people from precarious socio-economic backgrounds, and weekly meals to 800 children of needy families.

In 1988, an official Organization is established under the name of «Les Amis des Restaurants du Coeur», commonly known as «Les Restaurants du Coeur» (registered at the Ministry of Interior under the number 187) and recognized as being of public utility in 2014. It was founded by President Charles Helou and Mr. Michel Eddé became its President from 2000 to 2019.


Giving, Sharing, Caring

Our Mission

Solidarity is our driving purpose

Standing in solidarity with those in need, as well as with each other, to see our mission come to life


Sharing is at the heart of our organisation

Because sharing is caring! 


United in Fraternity

Fraternity is of essence to our openness to serve all with dignity

Our work

As of June 2022, we have fed


families DAILY




meals monthly

Our Projects

Aside from its daily meal provision and assistance of other restaurants across Lebanon, Les Restaurants du Coeurs organizes and participates in multiple projects that require funding all year round:

War Assistance

Assistance during the July 2006 war, when 1,200 meals were served and sent everyday to people in need.

Medication & Amenities Support

Provision of medication and delivery of basic hygiene products.Delivery of baskets of food staples, clothes, blankets and basic hygiene products.Provision of medication for chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

Special Events

Special events such as Christmas and Easter lunches, theatre plays, and popularsummer camps attended by 150 elderly guests across Lebanon over the years.

Leisure Club

A leisure Club for the elderly was created in 2011 in the main restaurant in Sin el Fil.The initiative stemmed from Georges Farra and the members of the Committee, andhas been generously funded by Mr Michel Edde. The leisure club provides a place forexchange and conviviality where the elderly enjoy board games, Taichi classes, moviescreenings and also design handicrafts and painting on glass then sold to support thecharity.

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Schools Support

Distribution of 720 sandwiches daily to state schools between 1992 and 2019


Financing summer camp for kids.

« Nos entreprises doivent être inspirées d’assez d’amour pour construire
du permanent…» President Charles Helou

« Nous sommes les soldats de l’ombre » Ms. Antoinette Kazan

« Le Libanais est généreux et solidaire. On ne meurt pas de faim au pays
du Cèdre » Ms. Antoinette Kazan

« Je ne peux pas voir des larmes ni chez les enfants ni chez les  vieux.
 Mettre de la joie et le sourire sur leur visage est ma propre joie
intérieure. » Ms. Antoinette Kazan

Our Committee

Joseph Khoury Helou


Sami Hochar


Emilie Rizk Rizk


Reine Sehnaoui Codsi


Mia El Khoury Ayoub

Financial Advisor

Noël Ayoub

Marylène Debbané Hochar

Nada Abouhamad Asseily

Alexa Kiameh

Michel El Khoury

Meet our supporters

Locate Us

Our Main restaurant ‘’Ahlan Wa Sahlan” is located in Sin El Fil.

Charity Centers

Beside its main restaurant in Sin El Fil, Les Restaurants du Coeurs assists multiple charity centers across Lebanon:


  • Achrafieh
  • Ajaltoun
  • Zghorta
  • Jbeil
  • Baabda
  • Antelias
  • Clemenceau
  • Sabtieh
  • Jounieh
  • Zahlé

How to Help?

Food & Other

Donate hot meals, food supplies or tins, medicines, clothes and other essential and basic items


Donate Now


Volunteer in our soup kitchen: serving food and sharing a meal with us. Temporary
suspended due to Covid Pandemic


Drop off food and other items: Call Lydia Abou Jaoude at +961 3 730876

The Blog

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November Update

November Update

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New Building!

New Building!

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How COVID-19 changed our outlook on helping from a distance.

How COVID-19 changed our outlook on helping from a distance.

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Our First Year

Our First Year

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